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    ZYS provides high quality bearing products and professional bearing solutions for users in the fields of aerospace, machine tool, wind power, metallurgy, automobile and rail transportation, construction machinery, etc. ZYS can perform batch production of various bearing products with inner diameter of 0.6mm to outer diameter of 6.8m. In addition to bearings, ZYS can also offer high-speed spindles, precision bearing instruments, bearing testing machines, bearing manufacturing machines and bearing parts.

    Industry Solutions

    Machine Tool

    ZYS precision angular contact ball bearings consist of high-precision angular contact bearings (standard series),super high-speed angular contact ball bearings,high-speed sealed angular contact ball bearings and high-speed spindle bearings.

    Machine tool

    Metallurgical Industry

    In the metallurgical industry, the working environment of rolling mills, continuous casting machine or converters is really harsh. These conditions require bearings to withstand the harsh effects of heavy load, high temperature, dust and water. In order to meet the requirements of metallurgical industry, ZYS R & D teamhas developed bearings products with high quality, high precision and long service life and also can offer the bearing solutions for manufacturers in the metallurgical industry.

    Wind power

    Construction Machinery

    ZYS large-size heavy duty precision bearings are manufactured in our second industry park,which covers 133,333㎡ with total investment of 438 million RMB.
    The inner ring,outer ring and rolling elements of bearing under normal working conditions are made of high carbon chromium bearing steel.To meet the special requirements,such as super high speed,wear-resisting,low temperature rising,long life and high reliability etc.,it’s suggested to use hybrid ceramic ball bearings.

    Construction machinery

    Rail Transportation

    ZYS has been committed to the research and development of bearings for rail transportation for a long time to meet the increasing requirements for rail transportation,such as higher speed,load,reliability and etc.

    Rail Transportation


    ZYS plays an leading role in aerospace bearing industry of China,We has successfully accomplished the bearing assemblies for “Dong fang hong” series man-made satellite,manned spacecraft series from “Shenzhou Ⅰ” to “Shenzhou Ⅹ”,“Chang’E” lunar exploration program,successful docking from “Shenzhou Ⅷ” and “Shenzhou Ⅸ” to Tiangong target aircraft.



    ZYS automobile bearings include tapered roller bearings,cylindrical roller bearings,deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings,among which clutch bearings and the hub bearings units of the first,second and third generation are mainly used to gear box,axles,transmission system and other parts of all kinds of automobiles.We have conducted thorough research on wheel hub bearings,clutch release bearing,constant velocity cardan joint,gear box bearings and etc


    Bearing Manufacturing

    ZYS can supply batch production of various bearing manufacturing equipments,like CNC cutting equipments and automatic production line for bearing rings,automatic grinder,superfinishing machine,precision cold rolling machine for bearing rings,semi-automatic multi-purpose grinder for miniature ball bearing rings and other precision manufacturing equipments for bearing.

    Bearing manufacturing

    Bearing Measuring

    Besides all kinds of bearing products,bearing measuring machines are also our main products,which have been exported to India,Iran,Romania,Brazil and many other countries.Our main measuring machines include the instruments for measuring the dimension accuracy,roundness,profile and roughness of bearing parts,the instruments for inspecting bearing performance and other instruments used to automatically inspect and control various parameters during manufacturing process.These instruments are widely used in bearing workshops,inspection stations,measuring room and assembly factories.

    Bearing measuring

    Bearing Testing

    ZYS has conducted in-depth research on bearing testing technology and reliability theory of all kinds of bearings,engaging in the development and manufacture of bearing testing equipments and undertaking the simulation testing,life testing and other performance tests for all kinds of bearings.We can also develop and manufacture the simulation testing machines in full-automatic control for the bearings used in various machineries (aviation,spaceflight,railway,automobile,motorcycle,machine tool,motor,etc.)

    Bearing testing


    About ZYS

    Since 1958, ZYS has been committed to the research and development of “high-tech, precise, cutting-edge, specialized and special” bearings, and relevant products. Our products have been used for aviation, spaceflight, vessel, weapon, mining, metallurgy, wind turbine generator, machine tool, machinery, medical treatment, automobile, rail transport, etc.




    Introduction Of ZYS


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